The cushioned safety head is composed of elastomer foam. The structure of its surface is similar to the one of golf balls and proved its value already thousands of times on golf balls and motorcycle helmets. The material is characterized by optimal attenuation properties and an elevated tear resistance. Due to the particular surface of our cushioned head we reach a coverage of more
than 60 m, if the arrow is shot by a bow with a draw weight
of 25 lbs and an extraction of 28 inches.

Inside the cushioned head an absorbing element is integrated that is responsible for an optimal distribution of pressure in the moment of the impact. The special geometrical form in the interior part of the absorber prevents on the one hand the shaft of the arrow from pushing through the cushioned head in the moment of the impact and on the other hand the splitting of the cushioned head. Furthermore the possibility of damaging it by stepping on it, is - due to its special construction - very limited.

Thanks to a special construction the absorber is firmly fixed on the shaft.


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