Please read attentively and respect these information and safety instructions!
Every user has to read, understand and respect the following rules!
During the development of our LARP-arrows with the especially cushioned safety head we attached a maximum of importance to the safety of our products. Please take in mind that – the danger does not originate from the weapon itself, but from the user – this is valid for all types of LARP – weapons. A thoughtful behaviour with discernment of all players is a very important condition to avoid physical injuries.

For the use of our LARP-Arrows and bolts for crossbows we have assembled some important hints that have to be respected:

• The arrows have to be used only for the provided purpose – life-play games.
• Please use only bows (traditional ones and no compound-bows) with a draw weight
that has been approved by the direction of the LARP-game (in the majority of cases:
25 – 30 lbs)!
• Please use always arrows of the same construction, type and weight!
The weight and the aerodynamics have a great influence on the trajectory.
• Please extract your bow always to the same point to learn to know your material and
the resulting trajectory the best way possible – only that way you will know,
in which direction you shoot. The physical properties of the arrow
(flexural behaviour of the shaft in the moment the arrow quits) assume a role.
In case of a right hander the arrow can fly too far to the left and in case of a leftie the
arrow can fly too far to the right – if the bow is not sufficiently extracted.


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