• Do never aim at another player´s head!
• Do never aim at animals!
• Do not aim at fragile or delicate materials! (window glasses etc.)
• Please take care that the distance to the aim is far enough!
• Please control the arrow (shaft, cushioned head, nock...) every time before using it,
if it is damaged.
• Please select the damaged arrows – even in case of a very slight damage!
• Please check, if the cushioned head is fixed firmly on the shaft of the arrow.
• Please do not use any longer arrows or bolts with foreign materials in their heads!
• Please use only cushioned heads with an intact absorber! Check, whether the cushioned
head makes strange rumours while compressing it.
• Please take care, that the cushioned head is dry! Cushioned heads that soaked
water become heavier and thus their trajectory changes. Furthermore the absorbing
effect is smaller in the moment of the impact. Please take care that during the colder
seasons the cushioned head has to be free of ice.
• Please do never repair damaged components – the safety risk is far too elevated.


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