Our LARP-Bow Marksman is, concerning its design, a remake of the bows of the medieval marksmen, the ancient sharp shooters. Shooting with the strongbow Marksman the archer gets in touch with the most original way of archery. The arrow is shot - in the traditional way - over the back of the hand, while the archer focuses his concentration on the target. The LARP-Bow Marksman is capable, robust and extremely durable.

All our bows are hand-made and are fabricated in our workshop. They are made of the wood of a palm-tree. Due to this extremely elastic and resistant wood the bow becomes extraordinarily stable.

The Marksman LARP is bated in black and tagged with an authentic grip of leather. It is appropriate both for right-handers and for lefties.

The bow reaches a length of about 50 inches (corresponds to 127 cm). For the LARP-activities we offer you a bow with a draw weight of 25 lbs.

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