We write the year 1415, when King Henry V. stood face to face with the troops of the French army in the battle af Azincourt, that had been much superior to the English soldiers in terms of quantity.

Thanks to his longbow archers, the so-called Yeomen, the English emperor succeeded in defeating the French knights. The Yeomen were the masters of the English longbow that was more precise, quicker and even more destructive than all the other weapons of the Middle Age. Even the mounted and well armored adversaries could not resist very long the Yeomens´ hails of arrows.

The Yeoman of By Beier Germany is a product that is made in the style of the English longbows. Due to its puristic and archaic design it is very appropriate for being used for LARP-activities. This bow is composed of different coats of ash and hickory, which are glued together very attentively.

Its surface is treated with a natural hard oil. For this reason it is resistant and water-repellent.

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